The King's College Women's Volleyball Roster

Yr. Ht. Hometown/High School
No.: 2 Isabelle Sandmeyer full bio Isabelle Sandmeyer Pos.: OH Yr.: SR Ht.: 5' 10" Hometown/High School: San Diego, CA / Academy of Our Lady of Peace
No.: 3 Kyra Kleinsmith full bio Kyra Kleinsmith Pos.: L Yr.: FR Ht.: 5'3" Hometown/High School: Cypress, TX / Cypress Woods High School
No.: 4 Samantha Klozik full bio Samantha Klozik Pos.: OH Yr.: FR Ht.: 5'8" Hometown/High School: Plymouth, MI / Salem High School
No.: 6 Leah Thomas full bio Leah Thomas Pos.: DS Yr.: FR Ht.: 5'8" Hometown/High School: Ottawa Lake, MI / Homeschooled
No.: 7 Hope Feller full bio Hope Feller Pos.: MH Yr.: SO Ht.: 5'10" Hometown/High School: Waukesha, WI / Catholic Memorial High School
No.: 8 Ruby Anastacio full bio Ruby Anastacio Pos.:   Yr.: FR Ht.: 5'6" Hometown/High School: Frisco, Tx / North Dallas Adventist Academy
No.: 9 Renae Maganza full bio Renae Maganza Pos.: DS Yr.: FR Ht.: 5'2" Hometown/High School: Katy, TX / Logos Preparatory Academy Sugar Land
No.: 12 Sasha Conner full bio Sasha Conner Pos.: MH Yr.: FR Ht.: 5'10" Hometown/High School: Longview, TX / Longview Christian School
No.: 22 Savannah White full bio Savannah White Pos.: L Yr.: SR Ht.: 5'3" Hometown/High School: El Paso, TX / Homeschooled