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Lady Lions Downed by the Cannoneers

Sophomore Sha Sanders.
Sophomore Sha Sanders.

On Thursday, November 30th, the Lady Lions were downed by the Cannoneers from Pratt, 59-50,  in their second home game of the season.

The Lady Lions came close in the first quarter to taking the lead over the Cannoneers, but were unable to do so, trailing by six points. It was in the second quarter, that the Cannoneers were able to gain a little more ground in the game, extending their lead to 33-20. But the Lady Lions were not out of this game just yet. In the last two quarters, the Lady Lions were able to outscore the Cannoneers, posting a total of 30 points compared to the Cannoneers 26 points. But this great effort by the Lady Lions, was not enough to gain the lead and defeat the Cannoneers.

Sophomore Sha Sanders had a phenomenal night and was able to get the Lady Lions back in the contention for the win. Sanders posted 21 points for the Lady Lions and in the fourth quarter went on a scoring spree, making four three-point shots in a row. Sanders posted the most three-point shots of both teams, making 7 of the 14 she attempted.

Freshman Sydni Brown aided the Lions defensively, snatching the most rebounds, with a total of 14, 10 being defensive and four being offensive rebounds. Brown added five points and two assists for the Lady Lions as well.

Sophomore Bailey Kaufman put up 14 points, seven assists, and seven rebounds for the Lady Lions. Freshman Emmaline Waller contributed six points and took down three rebounds. While senior Megan LeBlanc posted four points and grabbed eight rebounds.

NEXT UP: The Lady Lions will be taking on the Vikings from Villa Maria College on Saturday, December 1st, at Baruch College (1:45pm).