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Lions Edged Out of the Win by Cannoneers

Freshmen Tyler Bowens and Senior Will Doerger.
Freshmen Tyler Bowens and Senior Will Doerger.

On Thursday, November 29th the Lions played the Cannoneers, falling 68-64. The Lions were looking for a win following the two losses they had earlier this week, which made for an intense game against the Cannoneers.

The Lions came out the gates scoring when freshman Jordan Bishop was able to shoot a two-point shot twenty seconds into the game.The first half would be marked by the Lions and the Cannoneers each exchanging the lead, with almost every shot that was made. By the end of the first half, the game was tied at 27-27.

Early on in the second half, the intensity had dropped for the Lions, allowing the Cannoneers to extend their lead by as much as 11 points in the first five minutes of the half. The Lions would spend the rest of this half trying to regain the lead from the Cannoneers.

Freshmen Jordan Bishop and Tyler Bowens continued to prove themselves as newcomers to the team, each scoring 20 points in this game. Bishop also snatched 10 rebounds, earning him his first college career double-double. Bowens took down eight rebounds and made 9 out of 10 of the free throws he was given, making five in a row in the second half.

Senior Luke Borchelt put up 18 points and took down eight rebounds. Senior Will Doerger took down 10 rebounds and added six points for the Lions.

NEXT UP: On December 1st, the Lions will be facing the Steeles, from Culinary Institute of America at Baruch College (4:30pm).