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TKC Athletics Adding Spring Track & Field

TKC Athletics Adding Spring Track & Field

As part of the growing TKC Athletics Department, The King's College is pleased to announce that beginning in spring 2018, spring track and field will be added to the athletics program. This will be the first spring semester sport offered by TKC Athletics, and it will provide a varsity opportunity for both male and female athletes. All students, regardless of experience level, are welcome to try out the sport.

Bryan Finley, director of athletics at The King's College, said that adding the sport has already generated excitement among students. "Many of our current students have expressed interest in joining the team," he said. "We took a poll of our current athletes earlier in the semester asking them which sport or sports they'd like to see added. Track and field was the overwhelming choice in that poll." With almost one million student athletes participating in track and field at high schools across the country, TKC Athletics is excited to share this opportunity with prospective students as they discern where they will attend college.

Track and field is not a new sport for The King's College; in the 1970s and 1980s, the College earned a reputation of success in track and field, winning several championships. The Men's Track and Field team won the NAIA District 31 team championship in 1978 and 1979. The Women's team won the same championship in 1984. In addition to these championships, the program produced 11 NCCAA All-American athletes during that time period. With this robust legacy in mind, the College looks forward to reviving track and field for the first time since the move to New York City in 1999.

TKC Athletics is committed to building a culture of excellence, and in developing students who are able to excel as students, as athletes, as professionals, and as individuals.

After a thorough search for a qualified individual, TKC Athletics hopes to announce a coach in the coming weeks. For the team's inaugural season in spring 2018, they will practice three times a week and attend three to four meets throughout the semester.

Finley said, "As a growing athletic department, we're thrilled to add track and field to our roster. It fills a void in the spring semester, and it is a sport that both male and female athletes can participate in. Our local conference, the Hudson Valley Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, is exploring the idea of adding track and field as a conference-sponsored sport, and we hope to be competing in an invitational event hosted by the HVIAC in April, 2018."

Prospective students who are interested in track and field at The King's College can fill out this form to receive more information.

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Story written by Jane Scharl